GERA Chemie has made an important addition to its floating screed product group. GERA Chemie’s “GERA EDS Verbind + Dicht” has brought a key new element in the company’s screed insulation system to the market. Until now, the join between edge insulation strips and adjoining parts of the insulation system has been a major challenge to installers who have often had to think on their feet to find a solution for producing a join to the next edge insulation strip, to a frame profile or a corner profile that is clean and watertight. But if this join is not successful or if it is not the same quality, the fresh screed laid next to it can mean connecting to solid structural components, with the result that any impact sound would be transmitted throughout the entire construction – and in some cases require costly repair work. “GERA EDS Verbind + Dicht”, a thin sheet of foam which is adhesive on one side, will in future provide a waterproof seal for joins such as these in no time at all.