The Group

Buildings without screed? Yes, there are some – mainly in the commercial sector where owners want to keep their options as flexible as possible. Buildings like this have been a thorn in our side for some time because we focus on manufacturing products for screed applications…

We wanted to expand our skills base beyond screed applications into ancillary systems and began back in early 2010 with the takeover of KLEMAFOL-FOLIEN GmbH who have been manufacturing specialty adhesive tapes and punched parts since 1994. The core products are primarily “current-conductive height adjustment platelets for double floor systems” where KLEMAFOL is the global leader. Double floor systems do not require screeds, so the acquisition of this company was just what GERA Chemie was looking for. KLEMAFOL is also headquartered in Mülheim an der Ruhr and has been a 100% subsidiary of GERA Chemie GmbH since the beginning of 2013.

Since then we have been able to cater for all buildings in our small group – even those that don’t use screed.