Gerd Kleemeyer

Managing Director
Tel. +49 208 802080

“Sets the beat here and in his band Carolines Night”

Marketing and Sales

Jennifer Kutz

Office Manager
Tel. +49 208 80 20 80 or direct line +49 (0)208 8284612

“The Rocking Shopping Queen”

Katrin Prochnow

Administrative Assistant
Tel. +49 208 80 20 80 or direct line +49 (0)208 8284627

“Hates to miss rock festivals and meals”


Guido W.

Production Manager
Tel. +49 208 80 20 80

“GERA’s answer to MacGyver”


Martin R.

“Our flying machine”

Alex S.

“Small fish are fine, but would love a big catch”

Corinna S.

“Come on, we’re off to the cinema”

Dominik G.

“… is at the gym”

Emrije F.

“Can hold her own”

Evgenia G.

“I’m walking – but sometimes it feels like running”

Harro G.

“Our master biscuit-maker”

Paul K.