There are a number of questions that we are regularly asked. To help you find an answer quickly, we have listed a few of them below. Our aim is to build this up gradually; please contact us if you have any further questions or suggestions. Thank you very much.

What can I use to protect my car windows from frost in the winter?2017-10-11T12:16:14+02:00

Use a piece of GERA moisture barrier parquet foam.

What is “µm”?2017-10-11T12:15:39+02:00

A µm is a unit for measuring length and is generally used to measure the thickness of a material. 1 µm is equal to one thousandth of a millimetre, i.e. 0.001 mm.

Can I mix the GERA screed admixtures together?2017-10-11T12:14:58+02:00

No. GERA screed admixtures have been developed for specific applications. They each contain active ingredients that are sometimes not compatible with the active ingredients in our other screed admixtures. We know of screed installers who have set up their own special mixtures for their screeds based on our screed admixtures, but this requires a great deal of experience and patch tests.

How much screed admixture do I need for one square metre?2017-10-11T12:13:35+02:00

This depends on the screed added. Basically, the quantities of GERA screed admixtures depend on the amounts of cement to be used. GERA’s screed admixture data sheets give more specific information on this.

What does the term “standard” mean in construction sheeting? What does “200 grade” mean? What does “T200 UT20” stand for?2017-10-11T12:13:00+02:00

For reasons of economy, different thicknesses of PE films – construction sheeting as it is called – is occasionally required. These films are referred to as standard because they are designed to occupy the space of a standard thickness. The variation is termed sub-tolerance (UT) and is given as a percentage. In the following example, “T200 UT20” is a film that has a thickness of 200 my – 20% sub-tolerance = 160 my.
But be aware – many applications specify particular thicknesses.

Can I remove adhesive TSK or SK again?2017-10-11T12:11:51+02:00

That can sometimes be difficult. We recommend commercial adhesive cleaners and patch tests on an inconspicuous spot. We’re sorry, but we had to decide. Do we want the adhesive to stick or do we want the user to be able to remove odd residues of adhesive easily? We opted for the first, because that’s what you expect with these self-adhesive products.

If I install a double layer of impact sound insulation sheeting, does this then also double the level of impact sound insulation?2017-10-11T12:10:39+02:00

No. Any improvement produced by the double layer for impact sound is in fact only minimal, e.g. from 19dB to a maximum of 20dB.

What can I use as a reflective sheet behind older heating appliances?2017-10-11T12:09:08+02:00

GERA moisture barrier parquet foam is also really good for this.

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