Quality, Environment and Sustainability

We have been producing environmentally friendly products for many years: they are manufactured free from solvents, recyclable and on the basis of tested secondary raw materials, wherever possible. We are dead serious about our responsibility, also for the generations to come. Thus we are developing new products or refining existing ones in correspondance with this our attitude.
We have licensed unavoidable transport packing with Interseroh company. This packaging can be recycled by our clients and users following Interseroh regulations.

The factory site of our company group has been certified and re-certified as per Ökoprofit® standards

We are sensitive users of all resources needed and in fact we like using the sun as our energy source: With our photovoltaic unit, we can produce sufficient power for all our needs during the summer period. 

Please do not hesitate to ask us for certificates for our products following the standards of BNB, DGNB or LEED for your current projects.

And please help: If you have any idea how we could become even better in our quest for more sustainability, please let us know. 

Our accolades

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