The Mülheimer Bündnis für Familie (Mülheim Alliance for Families) ranked GERA Chemie the 16th company in Mülheim on 7 September 2017 for its wide-ranging commitment in reconciling family and work. Managing Director Gerd Kleemeyer has for many years been highly supportive of both his employees and further afield and is pleased that small companies can also do their bit. He is delighted that his commitment is paying off in a variety of ways. “Catering for the particular individual needs of the people around me makes those who often receive less attention feel more appreciated and that leads to increased confidence. A safe workplace with autonomous decision-making groups and an appreciation of the importance of activities are further building blocks in dealing with people”, acknowledges the committed Kleemeyer, whose comments as the head of an SME are immediately and unconditionally taken at face value.
According to Mayor Ulrich Scholten in his encomium as Chairman of the Board of Trustees, “GERA has attracted attention nationwide with the employment of a part-time trainee”. But there are many other things which could also have contributed to the recognition of the remarkable commitment of the small company.